Review MAC BB Cream

Hey guys!

I know it’s been awhile, or at least for my feeling it is, but I’ve been kinda busy with school exams that’ll start soon. Although I got a new MAC product in the mail today, so it’s time for a review.


Let’s talk about the packaging first, isn’t this cute with all those colored glitters? It looks like a galaxy to me!


The glitters continue on the tube, but a lot more subtle and hard to tell in the picture. I think the rest of the packaging looks simple, but nice.


I wasn’t sure what color I should pick, but I decided to take ultra light, since it’s still winter and my skin is very pale right now. The scent reminds me of the play-doh I used to play with when I was a kid, I can imagine people wouldn’t like that but I don’t mind it so much, although I’d prefer it to smell like their vanilla lipsticks!


Here it is all rubbed in my skin, it matches my skin pretty well, it’s a little more on the yellow than pink side. I was so relieved it matched, because it’s always a risk to buy BB cream or foundation online.

I would say it has light to medium coverage, but definitely more than the drugstore BB creams I’ve used before. Also it has SPF 35, so that’s always great!

Overall I’m really happy to have this in my stash and I’m sure I’ll use it very much.


Review Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

I think one of the most hyped things in 2014 were eyebrows, especially thicker ones. I myself have thick eyebrows, but I always like to fill them in so they look better. You probably heard of the eyebrow ‘goddess’ Anastasia Soare and her make up line and it was most likely for me to buy something from her in 2015 and I’m really glad I did!

IMG_5507 p

This is how the packaging looks like, a matte black box with rose gold details on it. I think that really adds luxury.

IMG_5510 p

The dipbrow pomade comes in a little jar of glass. Again the rose gold logo on it, and a shiny cover. I really like the fact that it’s so small, because you could easily bring it anywhere with you.

IMG_5518 p

I asked the lady at the store which colour she thought would suit me best and she first reffered me to the medium brown, but I thought that would be to light (my hair is black/dark brown) so I finally chose for dark brown

IMG_5520 p

I swatched it with a very light hand and look at the great pigmentation! I love the cool undertone it has, I think it really suits my skintone

image1 p

I wasn’t happy with the pictures on my camera from my eyebrows with the product on, so I decided to just do this one with my phone. I think this looks very pretty on me and I’m really glad with the colour I picked. It stays on well and it is waterproof. If you’re looking for a good brow product that won’t smudge, I’d definitely should look after this.

I picked up mine at Douglas for €27,95. That’s on the pricey side but you really don’t need to use a lot of product as you could see on the swatch.

I hope you guys liked this review and let me know what you’re thoughts are in the comments 🙂

Review Tangle Angel hairbrush

A good hairbrush never really interested me… Until I saw the Tangle Angel one because it’s just a little piece of art. I realized my current hairbrush was probably there for my whole life so it was time for a new one. I bought it online and the next day it came in the mall, time for a review on this beauty.

IMG_5492 b

So the hairbrush promises a lot of good stuff, I can’t wait to try it out.

IMG_5498 b

On the back are even more positive promises. I used the brush on dry and wet hair and it detanglings really smoothly, even the wildest tangles which I have in the morning and when it’s wet. I almost never blow dry my hair, don’t wear hair extensions and I’m obviously not a little kid anymore so I can’t test that out for you.

IMG_5504 b

The only negative point I discovered is that the gripe isn’t that long, and since I kinda have big hands this can be annoying. Overall I think this is a very handy and beautiful hairbrush for any hair types. It’s not that big so it’s nice to bring with you in your bag. If you’re looking for a new brush, you should definitely check this one out, they also come in blue, pink and silver and have XL versions.

Please leave your opinions in the comments 🙂

Maybelline New York Babylips vs The Bodyshop Lip Balm

Since my Babylips almost came at it’s end, I went looking for a new lip balm and I end up at The Body Shop. TBS has lovely limited editions for the holiday this year, including Frosted Cranberry, where my lip balm is from. I thought it would be fun to compare these two together.

IMG_5463 b

TBS Frosted Cranberry lip balm, €6,-

Maybelline New York Babylips Hydrate, €3,49

IMG_5467 b

This is what it looks like when you open it, just a simple jar but definitely gets me into the christmas vibe.

IMG_5468 b

I kinda took too much out of it here, because you don’t need much. When you have it on your lips, it also gives you a nice subtle red shade which looks just like you just ate some cranberries, lovely! The scent is just luscious and sweet, but nothing too overwhelming. I’m falling in love.

Positive points:

amazing scent


cute packaging

easy to bring with you

Negative points:

it’s not that hygienic like a stick, since you have to go in with a finger everytime

IMG_5464 b

And now my Babylips, which I have been using for a long time now. It’s just a transparent stick, which is perfect if you don’t like any shades on your lips. The scent is kinda hard to explain.. It’s sweet but totally different than the lip balm from the BTS sweet… It just doesn’t smell natural to me. It’s very hydrating for your lips, just like the name already said. The packaging is very cute, but also a little childish, but that’s no problem for me.

Positive points: 

easy for quickly use

very hygienic because it’s in a stick

very hydrating

easy to bring with you

Negative points: 

the smell isn’t that nice

it’s a bit too sticky

The conclusion:

I like the lip balm from The Body Shop better! I’m in love with the scent, sweet cranberries. I think I will use this very often.

The Tattoo Coloring Book by MEGAMUNDEN

Hey everyone 🙂

When I saw there were coloring books for adults, I was immediately hyped about it. So a couple days ago I went to our local book store and I bought the Tattoo Coloring book.

IMG_5438 p

Just look how beautiful it is with the awesome tiger on the cover!

IMG_5451 p

It has the most breathtaking designs and these are already filled in. This could make a really cool poster to hang up in your room.

IMG_5446 p

IMG_5443 p

IMG_5448 p

IMG_5444 p

You can color them in with crayons but also with markers, I tried both and I prefer markers now because they are more pigmented.

IMG_5455 p

IMG_5445 pp

If you like to be creative with colors and like tattoos, this book is just it for you. I’m so happy I picked it up for €11,90 and I know I will use it very often. The designs are great and I love the tattoo style with lots of skulls, animals and flowers.

First impression: MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Sculpt and Shape powder

When MAC announced the RHPC collection I was so  happy and excited, so when it was launched on the 23rd this month on the Dutch site I immediately placed an order and today it came in the mail. I only bought the Sculpt and Shape powder because MAC isn’t cheap and I’m not rich, but as a huge Rocky Horror fan I just couldn’t resist.


This is how the packaging looks like on the outside. It’s simple, but I love it. My favorite combination, black and red.

IMG_5429 p

But when I opened it up: whoa! It has this cute RHPC cartoonish print inside with most characters on it. I thought it was a really cool detail MAC did and one thing I know for sure: I’m keeping the packaging!

IMG_5430 p

IMG_5434 p

MAC Sculpt and Shape powder, bone beige and emphasize

Sorry for the bad picture of the swatches but my camera didn’t focus on the swatches but on my wall, so now you can see a close up of my wall…yay

I think this is great for people with really pale skin, but when I tested bone beige on my face I didn’t really showed up that much as I hoped it would. But where bone beige didn’t showed up much, emphasize did quite well! This is such a beautiful highlighter with a light shimmer in it which will give your face a natural looking glow.

Overall I’m happy about it, it’s big so you can use it a long term, the colors are beautiful and the texture is extremely soft. But because bone beige wasn’t dark enough for me, I kinda wish I was even more pale.

Autumn inspiration

Hello guys and hellooo autumn!

Since autumn is my favorite season together with spring, I wanted so share some amazing looks I saw on Lookbook. If you love the typical fall outfits or you have no inspiration to dress lately, you definitely should check out the looks I picked out for you.

holynights c. 3

Holynights C

I love that this look is girly with the floral dress, but the dark colored parka and boots add that grungy touch which I love so much.

phen h

Phen H

This look is simple but so beautiful, the oversized denim jacket is definetly one of my favorites for fall, I recently got one as well from

violet e

Violet E

I love dungarees! Lately I’ve been really into the short ones, but the long ones are perfect for colder days, maybe I should look for one soon.

amy v

Amy V

Amy is definitely one of my favorite accounts on Lookbook, her style is just perfect. I love the jacket/blazer she’s wearing her, in my opinion this color is so beautiful and vintage looking.


Tessa D 

I love everything about this outfit, her style is amazing. Everything fits so well and I would love to wear every piece of it.

kayleigh b

Kayleigh B

Mom jeans! I’ve been dying to get one of these so much, and this color is absolutely gorgeous. The belt and the shoes fits perfectly with the jeans.

gittemary j

Gittemary J

This outfit just screams autumn, I especially love the cardigan with the kind of aztec print and the hat she’s wearing.

lua p

Lua P

Last but not least, my all time favorite fashion blogger Luanna. I just love her style and she inspired me to buy creepers as well. And isn’t this jumper just the cutest?!

So that’s it, these were styles that I would wear through all seasons but I thought they we’re especially perfect for the fall. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂