Autumn inspiration

Hello guys and hellooo autumn!

Since autumn is my favorite season together with spring, I wanted so share some amazing looks I saw on Lookbook. If you love the typical fall outfits or you have no inspiration to dress lately, you definitely should check out the looks I picked out for you.

holynights c. 3

Holynights C

I love that this look is girly with the floral dress, but the dark colored parka and boots add that grungy touch which I love so much.

phen h

Phen H

This look is simple but so beautiful, the oversized denim jacket is definetly one of my favorites for fall, I recently got one as well from

violet e

Violet E

I love dungarees! Lately I’ve been really into the short ones, but the long ones are perfect for colder days, maybe I should look for one soon.

amy v

Amy V

Amy is definitely one of my favorite accounts on Lookbook, her style is just perfect. I love the jacket/blazer she’s wearing her, in my opinion this color is so beautiful and vintage looking.


Tessa D 

I love everything about this outfit, her style is amazing. Everything fits so well and I would love to wear every piece of it.

kayleigh b

Kayleigh B

Mom jeans! I’ve been dying to get one of these so much, and this color is absolutely gorgeous. The belt and the shoes fits perfectly with the jeans.

gittemary j

Gittemary J

This outfit just screams autumn, I especially love the cardigan with the kind of aztec print and the hat she’s wearing.

lua p

Lua P

Last but not least, my all time favorite fashion blogger Luanna. I just love her style and she inspired me to buy creepers as well. And isn’t this jumper just the cutest?!

So that’s it, these were styles that I would wear through all seasons but I thought they we’re especially perfect for the fall. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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