Maybelline New York Babylips vs The Bodyshop Lip Balm

Since my Babylips almost came at it’s end, I went looking for a new lip balm and I end up at The Body Shop. TBS has lovely limited editions for the holiday this year, including Frosted Cranberry, where my lip balm is from. I thought it would be fun to compare these two together.

IMG_5463 b

TBS Frosted Cranberry lip balm, €6,-

Maybelline New York Babylips Hydrate, €3,49

IMG_5467 b

This is what it looks like when you open it, just a simple jar but definitely gets me into the christmas vibe.

IMG_5468 b

I kinda took too much out of it here, because you don’t need much. When you have it on your lips, it also gives you a nice subtle red shade which looks just like you just ate some cranberries, lovely! The scent is just luscious and sweet, but nothing too overwhelming. I’m falling in love.

Positive points:

amazing scent


cute packaging

easy to bring with you

Negative points:

it’s not that hygienic like a stick, since you have to go in with a finger everytime

IMG_5464 b

And now my Babylips, which I have been using for a long time now. It’s just a transparent stick, which is perfect if you don’t like any shades on your lips. The scent is kinda hard to explain.. It’s sweet but totally different than the lip balm from the BTS sweet… It just doesn’t smell natural to me. It’s very hydrating for your lips, just like the name already said. The packaging is very cute, but also a little childish, but that’s no problem for me.

Positive points: 

easy for quickly use

very hygienic because it’s in a stick

very hydrating

easy to bring with you

Negative points: 

the smell isn’t that nice

it’s a bit too sticky

The conclusion:

I like the lip balm from The Body Shop better! I’m in love with the scent, sweet cranberries. I think I will use this very often.


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