Review Tangle Angel hairbrush

A good hairbrush never really interested me… Until I saw the Tangle Angel one because it’s just a little piece of art. I realized my current hairbrush was probably there for my whole life so it was time for a new one. I bought it online and the next day it came in the mall, time for a review on this beauty.

IMG_5492 b

So the hairbrush promises a lot of good stuff, I can’t wait to try it out.

IMG_5498 b

On the back are even more positive promises. I used the brush on dry and wet hair and it detanglings really smoothly, even the wildest tangles which I have in the morning and when it’s wet. I almost never blow dry my hair, don’t wear hair extensions and I’m obviously not a little kid anymore so I can’t test that out for you.

IMG_5504 b

The only negative point I discovered is that the gripe isn’t that long, and since I kinda have big hands this can be annoying. Overall I think this is a very handy and beautiful hairbrush for any hair types. It’s not that big so it’s nice to bring with you in your bag. If you’re looking for a new brush, you should definitely check this one out, they also come in blue, pink and silver and have XL versions.

Please leave your opinions in the comments 🙂


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