Review Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

I think one of the most hyped things in 2014 were eyebrows, especially thicker ones. I myself have thick eyebrows, but I always like to fill them in so they look better. You probably heard of the eyebrow ‘goddess’ Anastasia Soare and her make up line and it was most likely for me to buy something from her in 2015 and I’m really glad I did!

IMG_5507 p

This is how the packaging looks like, a matte black box with rose gold details on it. I think that really adds luxury.

IMG_5510 p

The dipbrow pomade comes in a little jar of glass. Again the rose gold logo on it, and a shiny cover. I really like the fact that it’s so small, because you could easily bring it anywhere with you.

IMG_5518 p

I asked the lady at the store which colour she thought would suit me best and she first reffered me to the medium brown, but I thought that would be to light (my hair is black/dark brown) so I finally chose for dark brown

IMG_5520 p

I swatched it with a very light hand and look at the great pigmentation! I love the cool undertone it has, I think it really suits my skintone

image1 p

I wasn’t happy with the pictures on my camera from my eyebrows with the product on, so I decided to just do this one with my phone. I think this looks very pretty on me and I’m really glad with the colour I picked. It stays on well and it is waterproof. If you’re looking for a good brow product that won’t smudge, I’d definitely should look after this.

I picked up mine at Douglas for €27,95. That’s on the pricey side but you really don’t need to use a lot of product as you could see on the swatch.

I hope you guys liked this review and let me know what you’re thoughts are in the comments 🙂


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