Review MAC BB Cream

Hey guys!

I know it’s been awhile, or at least for my feeling it is, but I’ve been kinda busy with school exams that’ll start soon. Although I got a new MAC product in the mail today, so it’s time for a review.


Let’s talk about the packaging first, isn’t this cute with all those colored glitters? It looks like a galaxy to me!


The glitters continue on the tube, but a lot more subtle and hard to tell in the picture. I think the rest of the packaging looks simple, but nice.


I wasn’t sure what color I should pick, but I decided to take ultra light, since it’s still winter and my skin is very pale right now. The scent reminds me of the play-doh I used to play with when I was a kid, I can imagine people wouldn’t like that but I don’t mind it so much, although I’d prefer it to smell like their vanilla lipsticks!


Here it is all rubbed in my skin, it matches my skin pretty well, it’s a little more on the yellow than pink side. I was so relieved it matched, because it’s always a risk to buy BB cream or foundation online.

I would say it has light to medium coverage, but definitely more than the drugstore BB creams I’ve used before. Also it has SPF 35, so that’s always great!

Overall I’m really happy to have this in my stash and I’m sure I’ll use it very much.


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