First impression: MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Sculpt and Shape powder

When MAC announced the RHPC collection I was so  happy and excited, so when it was launched on the 23rd this month on the Dutch site I immediately placed an order and today it came in the mail. I only bought the Sculpt and Shape powder because MAC isn’t cheap and I’m not rich, but as a huge Rocky Horror fan I just couldn’t resist.


This is how the packaging looks like on the outside. It’s simple, but I love it. My favorite combination, black and red.

IMG_5429 p

But when I opened it up: whoa! It has this cute RHPC cartoonish print inside with most characters on it. I thought it was a really cool detail MAC did and one thing I know for sure: I’m keeping the packaging!

IMG_5430 p

IMG_5434 p

MAC Sculpt and Shape powder, bone beige and emphasize

Sorry for the bad picture of the swatches but my camera didn’t focus on the swatches but on my wall, so now you can see a close up of my wall…yay

I think this is great for people with really pale skin, but when I tested bone beige on my face I didn’t really showed up that much as I hoped it would. But where bone beige didn’t showed up much, emphasize did quite well! This is such a beautiful highlighter with a light shimmer in it which will give your face a natural looking glow.

Overall I’m happy about it, it’s big so you can use it a long term, the colors are beautiful and the texture is extremely soft. But because bone beige wasn’t dark enough for me, I kinda wish I was even more pale.


Review NYX Wicked Dreams eyeshadow palette

Hi there!

Today I got my NYX Wicked Dreams eyeshadow palette in the mail, and I decided to make a review on it. This is my first beauty related post, so sorry if it’s not good quality.


This it how to front looks like, just a plastic black one. I really like the font they used for ‘Wicked Dreams’ because it suits the palette very well




As you can see the palette has everything: from nudes to darks and from matte to shimmer (and even a couple glitter).


First row

I have to say I was a little dissapointed with the two light colors here because you can barely see them. My favorites here are number 4 (the brownish purple) and number 8 (green).


Second row

I love these colors! As you can see they are really pigmented, especially number 2 (black but looks a little more green at the picture) and 3.


Third row

Another row with gorgeous colors, especially number 1 is a really pigmented gold with a subtle glitter in it. My favorites here are 1, 6 and 7.


My eyelook with this palette.

Let me know what you guys think of this eyeshadow palette. I personally think it’s of good quality, especially since I bought it for €17,99 at