The Tattoo Coloring Book by MEGAMUNDEN

Hey everyone 🙂

When I saw there were coloring books for adults, I was immediately hyped about it. So a couple days ago I went to our local book store and I bought the Tattoo Coloring book.

IMG_5438 p

Just look how beautiful it is with the awesome tiger on the cover!

IMG_5451 p

It has the most breathtaking designs and these are already filled in. This could make a really cool poster to hang up in your room.

IMG_5446 p

IMG_5443 p

IMG_5448 p

IMG_5444 p

You can color them in with crayons but also with markers, I tried both and I prefer markers now because they are more pigmented.

IMG_5455 p

IMG_5445 pp

If you like to be creative with colors and like tattoos, this book is just it for you. I’m so happy I picked it up for €11,90 and I know I will use it very often. The designs are great and I love the tattoo style with lots of skulls, animals and flowers.